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Less effort.

Transform your ideas into prototypes and front-end code, magically!

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Do you think that clients don't know what they want and have no imagination?

For this reason we have invented a way to communicate with them in an easy and intuitive way.

Building websites with deck of cards

Every card represents a website section

Design the website with cards
Scan cards with the app
Edit and export the website

See how UXGO can improve your workflow

Job done in half the time

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Meet with clients and understand their needs
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Propose different solutions with UXGO
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Involve your clients and close the deal with ease
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Share the preview link to keep your clients always updated
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Go back to work and finalize the project adding small details
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Export the project and publish it online wherever you want

Working with UXGO you can

Follow Agile Practices

Make mistakes and correct them quickly, just change one card with another, even in front of the client.

Less time on production!

Reduce time to market, for every great idea, every second counts!


  • Involve your clients in their projects

  • Less misunderstandings

  • Fewer interruptions and reworks

  • No writer's block

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Add UXGO to your company

As simple as innovative


web agencies choose us


time negotiating and analysing clients' requirements


projects created

This is just one of the numerous cards...

Drag and see how it works!

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Visual editor

Edit, without a line of code, the template you just created.

Numerous styles

Change themes to get endless combinations for you website style.


Use simple keywords to instantly change the website's content, such as images, colors and fonts.

Preview in code

Magically transforms cards into a faithful preview in code HTML, CSS e JavaScript!

Don't waste other time,
try UXGO now!

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